NATO’s New Purpose, The Case For ‘A People’s Terms Of Service’ For Social Media, How To Be A Friend To Someone With Depression

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People who suffer from clinical depression may need professional help, but friends and family are a first and last line of defense. We get some advice about how to be a friend to someone with depression from a relationship expert. A law and privacy expert argues we need to create a set of guidelines for social media to follow, a “People’s Terms of Service,” to calm worries about what these sites are doing with our information. And with tensions running high with Russia, we look at this week’s NATO summit, and hear why the alliance may have found a renewed purpose.

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  • With Tensions Running High With Russia, Will NATO Find New Purpose At Summit?

    Since the end of the Cold War, the role of NATO has been somewhat unclear, and its relevance has come under question. But with tensions again running high with Russia, a reporter says the alliance is now finding renewed purpose, and all eyes will be on this week’s NATO summit.

  • The Case For A 'People's Terms Of Service' For Social Media

    This year has brought a slew of new concerns over what social media companies are doing with our information. Is it time to turn the tables on these sites? An expert on law and privacy says it’s time for us to develop a ‘People’s Terms of Service,’ a set of ethical guidelines that social media sites would have to adhere to, in order to promote responsibility and transparency.

  • How To Be A Friend To Someone With Depression

    People who suffer from clinical depression sometimes need professional help, but loved ones are often a first and last defense. A relationship expert shares advice on how to be a good friend to someone who suffers from depression.

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