Native American Mascots, Tailgate Recipes, Smarter Than You Think

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Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert look at the controversy over Native American mascots. Then, on Food Friday, we’ll talk tailgating recipes. And, a journalist who says technology is changing our minds for the better.

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  • Wisconsin Group Protests Washington's NFL Team For Racial Stereotypes

    The Green Bay Packers will be playing Washington’s NFL team in the second game of their season this Sunday. The Wisconsin Indian Education Association is holding a three day long “Project RESPECT” in order to educate members of the community and advocate against the kind of racial stereotyping they say is used by Washington’s NFL team.

  • The Cooking Mom Tailgates

    “The Cooking Mom” shares her favorite tailgate recipes. She’ll also give tips on how to enjoy Game Day by preparing your party good ahead of time.

  • How Technology Is Making Us Smarter

    Technology is changing the way we think…and according to one writer, it’s for the better.

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