National Politics Roundup, Twin Ports Muslims On Cruz Comments, Encouraging Women To Run For Office, State Fossils

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Nearly 70 percent of names on voting ballots belong to men, which led researchers to study why more women don’t run for office. Our guest discusses the gender gap in politics, and talks about efforts to encourage women to run for office in Wisconsin. We get the latest from the world of politics from Washington, and talk to the president of a Wisconsin mosque about Ted Cruz’s calls for patrolling Muslims in America.

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  • This Week In Washington – March 23, 2016

    Harry Enten, senior political writer and analyst for FiveThirtyEight, joins Central Time for our weekly look at the most pressing issues in national politics.

  • President of Twin Ports Mosque Responds to Cruz's Call for Patrolling Muslim-American Communities

    After terrorist attacks in Brussels which killed more than 30 people yesterday, Ted Cruz called for patrolling Muslim communties in the U.S., and criticized shutting down an NYPD surveillance program, which paid settlements to people who argued they were being followed by law enforcement only because of their religion. After drawing criticism for his comments, Cruz later defended clarified that not all Muslims should be patrolled. We talk to a member of Wisconsin’s Muslim community in the Twin Ports about Cruz’s comments.

  • Why Women Don't Run For Office

    New research from University of Wisconsin Extension looks at what the barriers are to women running for elected office, and what needs to change.

  • Wisconsin's Official State Fossil, The Trilobite

    The official fossil for the state of Wisconsin is the trilobite. We talk to a science writer about what exactly a trilobite is and why it’s considered the state fossil for Wisconsin.

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