National Parks Turn 100, Americans In Revolt, Trump’s Chances In Wisconsin

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Our guest tells us how we can celebrate the hundredth anniversary of America’s national parks. We talk to the author of a book about protest movements throughout history, and look at Donald Trump’s chances in Wisconsin, particularly among women voters, leading up to the November election.

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  • America's National Parks Celebrate 100 Years Today

    The National Park Service turns 100 years old this week. A nature writer and journalist discusses the history and significance of America’s national parks, and shares his thoughts on how to preserve them for another 100 years.

  • Americans In Revolt

    Our guest chronicles the birth of new social movements that could have the potential to influence the course of history, from the Black Lives Matter movement to the Tea Party.

  • What Does Trump Need To Do To Win Wisconsin?

    As Donald Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton by a two-to-one margin in Wisconsin, a new group calling itself “Wisconsin Women for Trump” are hoping to change that. A look at what Donald Trump needs to do to win in Wisconsin.

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