National debt ceiling, Vision research in Wisconsin, The People’s CDC

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Congress is weighing whether to raise the national debt ceiling ahead of a nearing deadline. We learn about the importance of the debt limit and what happens if federal spending surpasses it. We also hear about research in Wisconsin to treat vision loss. Plus, a doctor shares the ways she sees communication from the CDC lacking during the pandemic.

Featured in this Show

  • What to know about the debt ceiling — and the politics around raising it

    Congress is facing a nearing deadline to raise the national debt ceiling. We talk about what that means, what would happen if Congress doesn’t raise it, and why the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is threatening to miss the deadline.

  • Public health group says CDC not doing enough to protect vulnerable people

    We talk to a member of the People’s CDC, a group that argues the CDC’s response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is leaving high-risk people behind.

  • Clinical trials to treat blindness possible after lab-grown eye cells

    Researchers with the University of Wisconsin studying retinal cells say they’re now able to conduct clinical trials to treat blindness. One of those researchers joins us to talk about what’s new.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director
  • Tim Peterson Producer
  • Colleen Leahy Producer
  • Emilie Burditt Producer
  • Steven Smith Guest
  • Dr. Lara Jirmanus Guest
  • Dr. David Gamm Guest

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