National Adoption Date, School Accountability Bill, No Land’s Man

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National Adoption Day is celebrated each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We find out how adoption works in Wisconsin and what it means to the newly formed families. We also hear from a correspondent from The Daily Show who has published a collection of personal essays. And we check in on a new school accountability bill that Wisconsin Republicans are circulating.

Featured in this Show

  • National Adoption Day

    To mark National Adoption Day we talk with an expert on the adoption process in Wisconsin.

  • Wisconsin Republicans Want To Pass New School Accountability Bill

    Wisconsin Republicans are making education a priority in the next legislative session: they’ve said they want to pass a new school accountability bill. A similar bill failed in the last legislative session, but now that Republicans have a larger majority this bill will likely get approved. An education expert discusses the different aspects of this bill and how it could change education in Wisconsin.

  • Aasif Mandvi: No Land's Man

    Funnyman Aasif Mandvi, best known for his work on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, shares the stories of his personal journey as a child born in Bombay who grew up in Northern England, and whose family uprooted to Florida when he was a teen. He explains how his life as a “no land’s man” shaped him into the artist and comedian he is today.

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