Music In The 2010s, Learning Great Recession Lessons From Resilient Communities, And Who’s Running For Congress?

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Beyoncé performs in Brazil
Beyoncé performs in concert in Sao Paulo, Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010. AP Photo/Nelson Antoine

We discuss the music of the last decade and how we can measure political and cultural changes by what people have listened to. Then we look at what we can learn from communities that weathered the Great Recession. Plus, we get an update on who’s running for Wisconsin’s congressional races.

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  • How Will Music In The 2010s Be Remembered?

    With the 2010s coming to a close, we look back at how music evolved in the past decade. We remember who topped the charts, which genres changed the most, and how shifts in culture and politics affected our music.

  • What We Can Learn From Places That Rebounded From The Great Recession Faster Than Others

    The Great Recession caused wide-reaching economic pain, but for some counties in the U.S. the recovery came faster than others. As we continue to discuss lessons from the Great Recession, we talk to a regional economist about what we can learn about economic resiliency from those places.

  • Who's Running For Wisconsin's Congressional Seats?

    Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is the latest to throw his hat into the congressional ring, announcing a bid Tuesday to succeed retiring Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner. We look at who’s in and out in the various races for Congress in the state.

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