More On Milwaukee’s Drop In Owner-Occupancy Rate, Trump And Federal Courts

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President Trump’s has criticized prosecutors and the judge involved in the trial of his former campaign associate. We talk about whether he’s crossed any legal lines. We also dig further into data around an increase in out-of-state property ownership in Milwaukee.

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  • Follow-Up: Who Owns Milwaukee's Homes?

    We recently discussed a Marquette Law School report on a big drop in the owner-occupancy rate in Milwaukee. For more on the topic, we go back to an investigative reporter who’s covered the Great Recession and housing crisis.

  • The Impact Of President Trump's Advocacy In Criminal Trials

    President Trump has been criticizing prosecutors and the judge handling the case of his former campaign associate Roger Stone. We talk with a constitutional expert about whether the president’s comments crossed any legal lines, and what effect they could have on the judicial branch.

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