More On Coronavirus And Flu Research Being Done In Wisconsin, What It Will Take To Win Kenosha In November, Trump Administration Says It Will Send More Federal Officers To Cities

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Voters use voting booths on Election Day
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We learn about research being done into both the novel coronavirus and influenza from a UW contagious diseases scientist. And a reporter tells us about weeks of talking with voters in Kenosha County on their candidate priorities. And we talk to a reporter about news the Trump Administration will send federal officers to more cities, including Milwaukee.

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  • UW Researchers Look Into Potential COVID Vaccine, Flu Comparisons

    Researchers in Wisconsin are working to understand how the new coronavirus works. They’re also trying to develop a vaccine that could stem the spread of COVID-19. Our guest is a scientist who works on contagious diseases in the lab studying SARS-CoV-2 and influenza, among other diseases.

  • Trump Administration Announces Plan To Send Federal Agents To Milwaukee, Four Other Cities

    Milwaukee could be one of five cities the Trump Administration will send federal law enforcement officers to in the coming weeks. Pres. Trump said at a news conference Thursday the move is necessary to stem what he says is growing violence in these cities. While Wisconsin lawmakers–including Gov. Tony Evers–argue it will only make the situation worse, like we’ve seen in Portland, Ore.. We talk to a reporter to learn more.

  • What Kind Of Politics Can Energize Kenosha?

    Kenosha County will be one of the most closely watched areas in the country in the 2020 presidential election. We talk with a reporter who spent six weeks there finding out how residents felt about politics, their community, and what kind of message could inspire them.

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