Modernizing live orchestra, Wisconsin energy storage

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Battery storage project in Iowa
A 5-megawatt battery storage project owned by Alliant Energy in Iowa.
Photo courtesy of Alliant Energy

We talk to the directors of a Green Bay philharmonic orchestra about modernizing the live music experience. Then, we learn more about a new effort in Wisconsin to store renewable energy more efficiently and what it means for our power grid.

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  • Weidner Philharmonic at UW-Green Bay aims to shake up the orchestral concert experience

    The Weidner Philharmonic at UW-Green Bay is about to kick off a new season. We talk with the group’s artistic and musical directors about the steps they’re taking to include more diverse composers and genres, and reimagining the live orchestral performance experience.

  • The future of energy storage is coming to Wisconsin

    On Friday, Alliant Energy announced that they had received a $30M federal grant to build a CO2-based energy storage facility in Columbia County, Wisconsin—the first of its kind in the US, and the first ever on this scale. We talk to an energy storage expert about what the new technology means for the future of renewable energy storage in the state and beyond.

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