Mismatch Between Education And Job Requirements, Finding Alternatives To ‘Fast Fashion’, Stories From Women’s Experiences Of Pregnancy Discrimination

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A new report looks at the mismatch between people’s education levels and the requirements for the jobs they’re seeking. We examine how the difference is playing out in Wisconsin. Then, while the term “fast fashion” has gotten more attention and many people understand that cheap, trendy clothing items are not built to last, it can feel impossible to find better, affordable options. We hear from a Milwaukee-based designer and expert re-user about how to find more sustainable options. We also hear stories of women experiencing discrimination in the workplace because of a pregnancy.

Featured in this Show

  • Analyzing The Education-Job Requirements Mismatch

    A new study from the Urban Institute shows that most entry-level jobs require no more than a high school diploma. At the same time, most people have at least some college education. We discuss the mismatch between education levels and job requirements. We also consider whether it makes sense for people to pursue higher education.

  • Finding Affordable Alternatives To 'Fast Fashion'

    The term ‘fast fashion’ gets thrown around a lot, usually referring to stores that sell mass-marketed, trendy clothing at cheap prices like Forever 21, Walmart, Target, H & M, etc. But what do you do once you’ve recognized that cheap clothes isn’t always the best option for your wardrobe and for the world? We talk to a Milwaukee-based sustainable fashion maker about how to get the most out of your clothing and where to look when in need of new clothing.

  • Stories Of Pregnancy Discrimination

    A new story from The New York Times documents stories of pregnancy discrimination from women working in blue-collar jobs. We talk to one of the lead reporters.

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