Minnesota Bans Triclosan, Roche-A-Cri State Park, Midwest Manufacturing Cities

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A recent study analyzed ten Midwestern manufacturing towns to find out what successful communities are doing. Veronica Rueckert and Gene Purcell will find out what they learned. Also, a look at a Wisconsin state park with both natural and manmade wonders and find out why Minnesota recently banned a chemical found in antibacterial soaps.

Featured in this Show

  • Minnesota Bans Antibacterial Soap Ingredient Triclosan

    Minnesota is now the first state in the nation to ban triclosan, a chemical found in antibacterial soap and cosmetics. A reporter discusses the reasons for the ban, and how its being received so far.

  • Curious Wisconsin: Roche-A-Cri Rock Paintings

    On Curious Wisconsin a state archaeologist will help us explore a state park in Central Wisconsin that boasts Native American rock paintings and carvings – Roche-A-Cri.

  • A Look At How Midwestern Manufacturing Cities Are Doing

    The Federal Bank of Chicago just released a study analyzing ten Midwestern manufacturing towns to learn what successful communities are doing and how it can be emulated elsewhere. An expert who was part of the study explains how and why some manufacturing towns have bounced back–and why some haven’t.

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