Mining Legislation, Hominin Footprint Study And Other Science News, Making Youth Sports Positive

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A new study of ancient footprints found that a hominins were walking across the island of Crete nearly six million years ago, far earlier than was previously thought. We find out what the study says about human evolution and check in on other fascinating science stories. We also talk about how to make sure that youth sports are a fun, positive experience for kids. Plus, a WPR reporter shares the details of new legislation what would strike down restrictions on certain types of mining in northern Wisconsin.

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  • Sulfide Mining Legislation In Wisconsin

    State lawmakers held a public hearing Thursday in Ladysmith on a new mining bill that would get rid of the state’s moratorium on sulfide mines. The legislation is creating a political fight between environmental groups and business interests. We talk to a reporter who covered the hearing about how it went and what this legislation entails.

  • Science News: New Hominin Footprints Study, Incan Communication, Animal Domestication

    A new study shows ancient human ancestors were walking across a Greek island 5.7 million years ago. Hominins, who are part of our family tree, weren’t thought to be at the site of these foot[rints until millions of years later. We learn more about this and other cool science news with Gemma Tarlach of Discover Magazine.

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