Milwaukee’s New Encyclopedia, DPI And COVID-19 Support For Wisconsin, Capitalism And Tech Schools, Tech Addiction And Capitalism

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The Milwaukee Riverwalk as ice melts
Downtown Milwaukee. Amy Meredith (CC BY-ND)

UW-Milwaukee has a new historical resource on the city of Milwaukee teachers can take advantage of, and we find out more about the encyclopedia. Then we talk to a state education official about how Wisconsin schools are coping with the order to close. And we learn about the role of big tech companies in driving our addition to electronic devices.

Featured in this Show

  • Brandon Taylor Reflects On 'Real Life,' Time In Madison

    We speak with scientist-turned-novelist Brandon Taylor about his debut novel Real Life and his experience living in Madison as a University of Wisconsin graduate student.

  • The Decision To Close Wisconsin's Schools

    Gov. Tony Evers ordered Wisconsin’s schools to close to combat the spread of COVID-19. We talk with the Department of Instruction Deputy State Superintendent about what went into the decision. We also hear how school districts across Wisconsin are managing with the change.

  • Our Technology Addiction Problem May Not Be Our Fault

    It might appear like our society has a technology addiction, however our guest says big tech companies and producers have turned consumers into prey, making it nearly impossible to resist and allowing companies to gather more data and information from us with little to no resistance.

  • UW-Milwaukee Launches New Online Encyclopedia About The City's History

    We look at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s new “Encyclopedia of Milwaukee” resource and plans for how it can be used by teachers in their classrooms.

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