Milwaukee Vies For Democratic Convention, How Big Ag Influences School Lunch, How Toxic Women Promote Toxic Masculinity

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The Department of Agriculture made changes to school lunch standards this year, motivated in part by big ag and large food corporations. We take a look at how big dairy corporations, feeling the hit from slowing milk consumption, are hoping for a school lunch boost. We also get the latest on Milwaukee ‘s bid for the 2020 Democratic convention and we talk about how toxic behavior from women can influence toxic masculinity.

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  • Big Dairy's Big Grip On School Lunch

    Milk consumption is down, and big (and small) dairy has raised concerns. School lunches have long been influenced by the big companies in food and agriculture production and its happened again. We take a look at the history of milk marketing and how it’s affecting the school lunches of today.

  • State News Roundup – January 25, 2019

    The City of Milwaukee has secured a line of credit to back its bid to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention. We take a look at the final stages of the race and check in on other news stories from around the state.

  • What Role Do Women Play In Toxic Masculinity?

    Men’s shaving company Gillette sparked a series of conversations last week with a nearly two minute ad that challenged traditional ideas of masculinity. We talk to a columnist for The Washington Post who says, if we want to make real changes to our culture, we also need to talk about how women perpetuate “toxic masculinity.”

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