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President Joe Biden visited Superior to tout his $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law
President Joe Biden visited Superior, Wis. March 2, 2022, to tout his $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law with plans to begin fixing 65,000 miles of highway and 1,500 bridges this year. Robin Washington/WPR

President Biden is calling on Congress to bring back an assault weapons ban as lawmakers consider several other bills. We get an update on what’s being negotiated. We also talk with a Milwaukee woman who started a virtual reading program for kids about helping children learn more about their city.

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    Dannette Justus, an academic coach at Milwaukee Public Schools, has created a “Reading Rainbow”-esque show with a special Milwaukee twist. We talk to her about her show and her kids’ summer reading recommendations.

  • Congress considering gun legislation as Biden calls for assault weapon ban

    Congress is working through new gun legislation after President Biden called for an assault weapon ban among other new regulations. We explore what’s in the bills and what impacts they could have.

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