Milwaukee Mental Health Audit, Legalizing Marijuana On Tribal Lands, Sharing Meals, Aging Farmers

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A recent audit of Milwaukee County’s mental health services recommends a change from the current emergency-based psychiatric care model. We review the changes suggested in the report, learn about how sharing meals has helped humans develop important characteristics, and discuss how aging farmers affect food production. We also hear a news story about the possibility of marijuana legalization on tribal lands.

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  • State Audit Recommends Changes To Milwaukee County Mental Health Services

    A reporter discusses a recent state audit into Milwaukee County’s mental health services, which lays out a blueprint for shifting away from the county’s current emergency-based treatment approach, to a community-based model that would seek alternatives to emergency detentions.

  • The Very Human Habit Of Sharing Meals

    Humans are the only animal species that routinely share meals, and we’ve been sitting down to eat together for centuries. A food writer explains how the habit of sitting down together for meals has led to the evolution of human characteristics like spoken language, kinship systems, and a sense of right and wrong.

  • Farmers Getting Older

    Farmers are getting older across the country, and rising costs are keeping younger generations out of the industry. How does this trend affect food production and the economy, and what can be done to change it?

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Mike Arnold Host
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  • Amanda Magnus Producer
  • Marika Suval Producer
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  • Rebecca Rupp Guest
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