Milwaukee Alders Call For Investigation Into Incomplete Body Camera Footage Of Sterling Brown, Annual Roofing Of The Goats, Book Ideas For Summer Reading

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Goats at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant
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This Saturday marks the 6th annual roofing of the goats parade in Door County where many local goats will be walked by their owners for all to see. We talk to Lars Johnson of Al Johnson’s Restaurant. We also discuss what books you could be reading this summer and take a look at calls from a group of members from the Milwaukee Common Council to investigate why they were not given all of the body camera footage from the night of Sterling Brown’s arrest.

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  • Milwaukee Common Council Investigating Incomplete Release Of Sterling Brown Body Camera Footage

    Members of Milwaukee Common Council are investigating why they were not given complete access to body camera footage from the night of Sterling Brown’s arrest. We talk to an Alderman about what questions he has for Milwaukee Police Department.

  • Annual Roofing Of The Goats Parade Celebrates Unique Tradition

    The goats of Door County are ready to make their way back onto the roof of Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant.

    The goats will make their first appearance this Saturday during the sixth annual Roofing of the Goats Parade in Sister Bay. They’ll start the parade at the corner of Mill Road and Highway 42, then make their way down the road to Al Johnson’s Swedish restaurant where they are led up the green sod roof for all the goat watchers to see.

    Al Johnson’s goats live in a barn about a mile from the restaurant and every morning after their debut they are loaded into the “goat truck” and spend the day on the roof, unless it’s raining or too hot, said Lars Johnson, co-owner of Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant.

    “They really have the best of both worlds,” he said. “Most farm animals never leave their pastures their entire lifetime.”

    While it’s only the sixth parade, goats on the roof has been a common sight for much longer than that.

    In 1973, after a trip to Scandinavia, Johnson’s parents renovated the restaurant and built a beer garden using logs brought back from Norway. The renovation included a sod roof, which a friend of Johnson’s dad saw as an opportunity to pull a practical joke.

    “He would always show up with an animal,” Johnson said. “That particular day he decided to put a billy goat on the top of the sign, which was the very first goat that appeared on a roof in Sister Bay.”

    What started as just a couple of goats in the parade has added up to at least 50 participating goats. Participants are encouraged to wear goat costumes, Viking hats and goatees. Johnson says all goats are welcome, as long as they behave themselves.

    Already a popular Wisconsin destination, the unique tradition has brought people from all over the state, he said. But they do ask that you leave your dogs at home for this particular event.

    “It’s really turned into a Door County event, not just a Sister Bay event,” Johnsons said. “People have been contacting us for many months trying to make plans, people plan their vacations around this weekend.”

    The weekend also includes the third annual Goat Fest following the parade at Stabbur Beer Garden, next door to the restaurant.

    “We’ll have live bands, lots of arts and crafts for kids and a pancake eating contest, so it will be a really fun day for families to have a good time in downtown Sister Bay,” Johnson said.

  • Parade Celebrates Roofing Of The Goats In Sister Bay

    On June 9th, the sixth annual Roofing of the Goats Parade will take place in Sister Bay. The quirky celebration culminates in goats climbing to the sod roof at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant, and includes a goat festival afterwards. One of the restaurant’s owners joins us to talk about the origins of goats on the roof and what visitors can expect at the parade.

  • Ideas For Your Summer Reading List

    Do you have a summer reading list you are trying to work your way through? With nicer weather and heavy winter moods behind us, summer can be a great time to reestablish or amp up a reading habit. We talk to the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Goodreads for some summer reading suggestions. We also take your calls and emails to learn more about what Wisconsin is reading this summer.

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