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A book about Milwaukee landmarks and neighborhoods written in the 1930s is finally being published this year. The guide’s editor explains what life was like in the Cream City 80 years ago. Then, a “rising star” from Milwaukee High School of the Arts shares his music with us, and we talk about a recent call from a civil rights group for a federal probe into the English-only ordering practice at Leon’s Frozen Custard Shop in Milwaukee.

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  • Looking Back At Milwaukee In The 1930s

    A federal writers project chronicled the neighborhoods and landmarks of Milwaukee in the 1930s–and the results have been published this year for the first time. The historian who edited the project shares the story–and what life in Wisconsin was like, eight decades ago.

  • A Rising Star In Wisconsin's Music Scene

    The Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) recently named 15-year old Milwaukee musician Jonah Roth as a Rising Star. We talk with Jonah about his music and what it’s taught him.

  • Civil Rights Group Calls For Federal Investigation Into Language Practice At Iconic Milwaukee Business

    The League of United Latin American Citizens called for a federal probe into Leon’s Frozen Custard Stand, after a report that a customer fluent in both Spanish and English tried placing an order in Spanish, and a server said she could only take his order in English. While the owner has defended his policy and has said it is not racist, critics have called it discriminatory.

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