Mike Pompeo’s Senate Confirmation, Wisconsin Lawsuit Against Armslist.com Moves Forward, Reinventing Retirement

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Retirement calls for a drastic transition from career-focused you, to a you that discovers other ways of finding meaning. We talk to the author of a new book about how to do that. We also hear more about today’s Senate committee vote for Mike Pompeo and take a look at a court case involving online gun retailer armslist.com and a Brookfield shooting that happened 6 years earlier.

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  • A Preview Of Pompeo's Confirmation Vote To Lead State Department

    President Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state appears headed for confirmation – even if he fails to win over the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. We discuss the week ahead for CIA Director Mike Pompeo and what the State Department might look like under his leadership.

  • Wisconsin Appeals Court Allows Lawsuit Against Online Gun Retailer

    A Wisconsin appeals court recently allowed a liability lawsuit against online gun retailer Armslist.com to go forward, marking the first time a suit of its kind will be heard. We talk to a legal columnist about what this means for challenging companies that are accused of facilitating illegal gun sales.

  • How To Find Meaning And Joy In Your Retirement

    Taking the time to plan and reflect before embarking on your retirement can result in a meaningful post-workforce experience. It’s just as important to find ways to sustain or make friendships as it is to be mindful of finances. We talk to the author of a new book about how the culture of retirees is shifting, and how you can make the most out of your time.

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