Microplastics in clothing, Ozempic for weight loss

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A man selects a top from long double racks of clothing in a warehouse.
In this March 12, 2019, file photo Willie Walton hangs clothing on a three-tiered conveyor system at the ThredUp sorting facility in Phoenix. (Matt York/AP Photo)

The diabetes drug Ozempic is being used as a weight loss aid, most notably by high-profile celebrities. We talk with a Wisconsin doctor about the trend and potential risks. We also learn more about how microplastics in our clothing get into the environment and how to reduce the pollution.

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  • Diabetes drug gets hype as weight loss aid

    The diabetes medication Ozempic is getting a lot of hype, as people use it as a weight loss aid. A Wisconsin doctor who specializes in diabetes research and treatment tells us about the main use of the medication–and things to think about as people who don’t have diabetes are seeking out the drug.

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