Mental Health During The Pandemic, Salads For Summer

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Caesar salad
This Jan. 24, 2012, file photo shows a Caesar salad with romaine lettuce. Matthew Mead/AP Photo

For many people, the pandemic has taken a toll on mental health. We talk about what it means to languish, and how to take care of your mental health in difficult times. Then, we hear about delicious summer salad recipes to try as the weather gets warmer.

Featured in this Show

  • Understanding Languishing With The Researcher Who First Conceptualized It

    You may not be feeing your best after the last year. You may feel uninterested in life and unable to find meaning. But you’re not depressed. Chances are, you’re languishing. The man who coined this term explains how to go from languishing to flourishing.

  • Food Friday: Summer Salads

    It’s just about Memorial Day weekend, which means grilling! But don’t forget your side dishes. We discuss summer salads with Taste of Homes James Schend.

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  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director
  • Colleen Leahy Producer
  • Jana Rose Schleis Producer
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  • James Schend Guest

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