Menards’ Labor Settlement, Women Entrepreneurs In Wisconsin, America’s Dependence On Cars

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Wisconsin based home improvement store chain Menards has agreed to settle a labor dispute. We’ll explore what the settlement means. A recent study shows Wisconsin ranks 38th in the nation for women-owned businesses, which is an improvement of about 10 spots from last year. An entrepreneur talks about the survey and shares her own experiences on running a business. We also look at why America’s transportation system is so car-focused.

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  • Menards Settles With National Labor Relations Board

    After three, we’ll hear about the impact of a settlement on labor practices at Menards.

  • The State Of Women-Owned Businesses In Wisconsin

    A recent report shows Wisconsin ranks 38th in the nation for growth of women-owned businesses. An entrepreneur says the numbers show progress, but the state can still do better. She discusses her own experiences, and talks about the importance of supporting female entrepreneurs.

  • Why Cars Dominate Our Transportation System

    The American transportation system is car-focused to the point of absurdity, according to a guest author, who traces the past, present, and future of tranportation in the United States.

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