McFarland Village President Race Won By Two Votes, Final Season Of Game Of Thrones, Climate Change Scientist Visits Wisconsin

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This image released by HBO shows Emilia Clarke in a scene from “Game of Thrones.” The final season premieres on Sunday. (HBO via AP)

A tight race for the McFarland village president left residents and candidates with a week of uncertainty after discovering an uncounted absentee ballot. We get more on that and other Wisconsin stories on the news roundup. We also hear from a climate scientist who visited the state this week, and we talk about what the final season of Game of Thrones.

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  • State News Roundup – April 12, 2019

    The election for village president in McFarland came down to one vote . . . until a sealed ballot was discovered. We find out what happened next. We also talk about a painting that made news in the Governor’s mansion, and welcome regular guest Rob Mentzer to his new job with WPR News!

  • How 'Game Of Thrones' Came To Rule Television

    In a time when streaming options seem endless and new content is released all the time, how does one show manage to draw in an average viewership of 10 million? We hear from a television culture writer about just what has made ‘Game Of Thrones’, returning for its 8th and final season this weekend, such a strongly supported show.

  • Prominent Climate Scientist Visits Wisconsin

    Prominent climate change scientist Katharine Hayhoe paid a visit to Wisconsin on Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll talk to her about the intersection of faith and climate change, and the state of global action on the issue.

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