Marquette Law Poll Results, Supporting Rural EMS, Segregation And Milwaukee’s Schools

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Rural emergency medical services are having trouble attracting volunteers, and a state organization is trying to build interest in the field among young people. Our guest explains how his team is trying to recruit and retain EMTs around the state. We also take a look at how segregation has shaped Milwaukee’s schools, and get the results from the latest Marquette Law School Poll.

Featured in this Show

  • Results Of The Latest Marquette Law School Poll

    The latest Marquette Law School Poll was released today. We find out what Wisconsin residents are saying about the races for the U.S. Senate and the presidency, as well as other current issues.

  • Organization Focused On Supporting Rural EMS

    The Wisconsin Office of Rural Health provides federal grants and other services to more than 60 hospitals around the state, and this year it’s focused on supporting Wisconsin’s emergency medical services. The office’s director explains why EMS is an important part of rural healthcare, and how they’re trying to get more young people involved.

  • The Impact Of Segregation On Milwaukee's Public Schools

    The author of a new book says that the history of Milwaukee’s public schools has been shaped by three eras defined by race and segregation: no choice, forced choice and school choice.

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