Managing Student Cellphone Use, Surprise Items At Bottom Of Madison-Area Lakes, Details Unfold In Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse Case

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Photo Credit: Tamara Thomsen/Wisconsin Historical Society

Admiring the beauty on the surface of a lake in the Madison area, you might not imagine that below, at its bottom, lies a generator, an old car, or a century-old boat. We talk with a maritime archeologist about the mysteries at the bottom of these lakes. We also find out about one area school district looking into stricter consequences of cellphone use by students – only to be rejected by the village board. Plus, we discuss news of the Catholic priest abuse scandal.

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  • Should Students Be Fined For Using Cell Phones?

    On Monday, the Kewaskum School District was denied its request to allow students to be ticketed for repeatedly breaking its rules regarding the use of cell phones. We talk with the district superintendent about the scope of the problem, how its proposal would have worked and how it’s going to proceed.

  • Cars, Boats, Grills: You Can Find Them On The Bottom Of The Yahara Lakes

    The Great Lakes may be known for shipwrecks but you can find a whole host of items at the bottom of the Yahara Lakes. These can range from trash that can be a hundred years old to cars that fell through the ice. We speak with Tamara Thomsen–Maritime Archaeologist with Wisconsin Historical Society’s Maritime Preservation and Archaeology program–about what can be learned from the bottom of the lakes.

  • How Catholics Grapple With Faith Following Detailed Report Of Abuse

    A Pennsylvania grand jury released an extensive report last week detailing seven decades of sexual abuse at six dioceses in the state. The investigation found some 1,000 children and teenagers were abused by 300 priests. Now, questions remain about the future of the Catholic Church in the U.S. and how Catholics are grappling with the scandal. We speak with Eileen Burke-Sullivan–Associate Professor in the Department of Theology at Creighton University–about the report and what happens next.

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