Making Democracy Fun, Walker Administration And Contraception Coverage, Stave Churches

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What if democracy were fun? Would more people participate in it? Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett speak with a guest who wants to redesign civic participation to be enjoyable. Then they hear from a legal expert who challenges the Walker administration’s decision to stop enfrocing the state’s contraception coverage law and they take a tour of Wisconsin’s stunning Norwegian churches.

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  • Making Democracy Fun

    Civic participation is often seen as tedious, time-consuming and contentious. But what if it could be fun? A guest makes the case that the world of game design can liven up real-world politics, and help more people get involved in crucial decision-making.

  • Walker Administration Has No Basis To Stop Enforcing Contraception Law, Says Legal Expert

    Governor Scott Walker’s administration has stopped enforcing Wisconsin’s contraception coverage law. The move is in response to last month’s Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision allowing employers with religious objections to not pay for employees’ contraception. Legal expert Marci Hamilton says there is no legal basis to stop enforcing this state law because of change to federal law.

  • The Ancient Tradition Of Stave Churches In Wisconsin

    During the middle ages stave churches were quite common. A few of them remain today, mostly in Norway and Sweden. And there’s at least one modern example in Wisconsin. It’s Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church on Washington Island in Door County, and Washington Island resident Richard Purinton was involved in its construction.

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