Making and keeping friends, Life expectancy decline

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Two Friends
Ian Sane (Proper Rights Reserved)

A psychologist shares her new book on how the science of attachment can help us make new and deeper friendships. Then, a sociology professor helps us better understand why life expectancy is declining in the U.S. and what we can do to reverse it.

Featured in this Show

  • Psychologist explains the science behind making and maintaining friendships

    Making friends can be hard, and maintaining those relationships as we grow and change can be even harder. A psychologist joins the show to help us understand the science behind attachment detailed in her new book “Platonic.”

  • Why US life expectancy is declining and how to reverse the trend

    Life expectancy in the U.S. has declined for two straight years. We look at some of the causes beyond COVID-19 and what we need to do to get it back in the positive direction.

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