Madisonians Teaming Up to Help Kenyan Girls Fleeing Abuse, Increase In High Speed Chases In Wisconsin, Syracuse University Students Facing Possible Expulsion After Offensive Behavior

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An organization in northern Kenya called the Samburu Girls Foundation provides a safe place for girls fleeing child marriage and female genital mutilation. We found out how several Madison residents are aiming to enrich the lives of these girls. We also learn more about high speed chases in the state,and what is to come of the Syracuse University students who were found on video behaving in offensive ways.

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  • Madisonians Have Big Plans To Help Out Kenyan Girls Fleeing Child Marriage

    While child marriage and female genital mutilation are illegal in Kenya, strong cultural traditions mean these are things still being practiced. One Kenyan woman, an escapee of child marriage herself, founded the Samburu Girls Foundation to rescue girls from these unfortunate circumstances. A UW-Madison professor and founder of Merry-Go-Strong, a resident working to connect Hip Hop culture and design skills, and a doctor aiming to inspire self confidence, are putting their energy together to help the Samburu girls. The first step is to fund a water source for the foundation, as it’s located in an arid area.

    The fundraiser to raise money for the water source is Saturday May 5th, 2018 at The University Club and includes presentations by the Samburu Girls’ founder, The Hip Hop Architect, and Dr. Jasmine Zapata author of Beyond Beautiful. Find out more here.

  • Police Chases Surging In Wisconsin

    Over the last five years, the number of police chases in Wisconsin has grown by 200 percent. Much of that is driven by the Milwaukee suburbs, where an evolving drug trade and differing tactics between police departments have led to more pursuits. An investigative reporter is with us to share the details.

  • Syracuse University Expels Fraternity Over Controversial Video

    The chapter of the Theta Tau fraternity at Syracuse University was permanently expelled this week following videos of the group’s activities being made public. In the videos, members are shown using racial slurs and mocking people with intellectual disabilities. Nolan Cabrera, Associate Professor in the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Arizona, joins us to talk about the future of fraternities following this controversy.

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