Lung Cancer Deaths Down, Elections Commission Held In Contempt, Trade War Leads To Lobbying Boom

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Trade disputes with China and other countries challenged US manufacturers, but lobbyists cashed in. We find out how. And we get the latest on an increasingly politicized case of purging thousands of Wisconsin voters from the rolls. Plus, a look at what’s behind a drop in lung cancer deaths.

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  • U.S. Cancer Deaths Drop, Thanks In Large Part To Fewer Lung Cancer Cases

    US cancer deaths declined at the highest rate ever recorded between 2016 and 2017. A decrease in deaths from lung cancer was one of the main reasons for the drop. We look at why that is, and how to keep our lungs healthy.

  • State Elections Commission Held In Contempt By Ozaukee County Judge

    We wind back through the events that brought us to today: A circuit court judge ordered fines for members of the Elections Commission until they remove thousands of people with outdated registrations from Wisconsin’s voter rolls.

  • Trade War Creating Business For Lobbyists While Small Companies Get Squeezed

    Trade disputes with China and other countries have put pressure on US manufacturers, but meant big business for lobbyists in Washington. We find out how large companies are scrambling for tariff exemptions while smaller businesses try to keep pace.

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