Lumberjack World Championships, Paul Ryan’s Poverty Plan, Tell An Old Joke Day

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If your mind goes to burly, flannel-wearing men when you hear World Lumberjack Championship, you may be surprised by the competitors at the Hayward, Wisconsin competition. Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett hear from a log runner with her sights set on first at this weekend’s championships. Then they celebrate “Tell an Old Joke Day” with a look at classic Wisconsin jokes, and look at Congressman Paul Ryan’s new plan to combat poverty in the United States.

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  • From A Family Of Log Rollers, Wisconsinite Has Her Sights Set On First At Lumberjack Championships

    Abby Hoeschler grew up in household of log rollers. Her mother Judy is from Hayward, Wisconsin – the home of the Lumberjack World Championships – and holds seven world champion titles in the sport.

    Hoeschler and her siblings began rolling as soon as they could walk and have been competing in lumberjack competitions since they were four years old. In order to stay connected to the sport, Hoeschler even brought a 500-pound log with her to college in Vermont.

    Today Hoeschler holds the world record in boom running, but has yet to claim the top title for log rolling. Leading up to the World Lumberjack Championships in Hayward from July 24-26, Hoeschler has her sights set on log rolling.

    She speaks with Central Time about the origins and techniques of the sport and the ways her family has grown its popularity.

  • What's Inside Paul Ryan's Plan To Fight Poverty

    Congressman Paul Ryan has released his new plan to combat poverty in the United States. An expert on poverty talks about what’s in the plan, including the expansion of the earned income tax credit, and a shift to block-grants instead of traditional programs like food stamps and welfare.

  • Share Something: National Tell An Old Joke Day

    July 24th is National Tell An Old Joke Day. For our weekly Share Something segment, we talk to a regional humor expert and ask you to share your favorite old jokes.

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