Low Honey Production In Wisconsin, High Suicide Rates In Rural Youth, Tomah VA Hearing Yesterday, What TV Show Do You Miss The Most?

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A recent study finds that the suicide rate for rural youth is nearly twice as high as that of their urban counterparts. Our guest tells us what can be done about this issue, and we discuss what resources are available to those in need. We also explore Wisconsin’s decline in honey production last year, talk to a WPR news reporter who covered Monday’s meeting on the Tomah VA scandal and ask you what TV show you miss in light of the end of Mad Men.

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  • Honey Production Down In 2014

    Honey production declined in Wisconsin last year after the state lost 55% of its beehive. The vice president of the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association explains what happened and describes how producers are hoping to bounce back in 2015.

  • New Study Shines Light On Rising Suicide Rates In Nation's Rural Areas

    A new study finds a troubling trend among young people in the nation’s rural areas: the suicide rate for rural youth is nearly double that of young people living in urban areas. One of the authors of the study lays out the problem, and what can be done. Then, a Wisconsin mental health professional discusses the resources available in the rural parts of the state for those experiencing suicidal thoughts.

  • Monday's Hearing On The Tomah VA Medical Center Controversy

    On Monday there was a joint field meeting of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs and the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in Tomah regarding the VA Medical Center there. The meeting featured testimony from people on what they say was over-prescription of opioids at the Tomah VA and an atmosphere of retaliation against whistle-blowers. A WPR reporter who attended the meeting shares what happened.

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