Looking At Comey’s Firing Through A Legal Lens, Wisconsin’s Emmy-Winning Animator, Rise Of The Religious Left

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After major conservative victories at the national and state levels in 2016, some commentators said a rise of the “religious left” was a probable response. Our guest is a religious researcher who thinks that’s highly unlikely. We also talk with a Wisconsin animator behind the Emmy-winning Netflix show “Ask The Storybots.” Plus, we talk to a former federal prosecutor about the news that the Trump administration fired FBI Director James Comey.

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  • Looking At Comey's Firing Through A Legal Lens

    Tuesday evening the White House announced they were terminating FBI Director James Comey, citing his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server during her time as Secretary of State. We talk to a former federal prosecutor about the legal aspects of this news.

  • Why One Researcher Argues The Rise Of The Religious Left Is Unlikely

    After conservatives got control of both the White House and Congress in the November election, many commentators argued that one of the responses from the left would be an emergence of progressive religious groups. We find out why one researcher from the Public Religion Research Institute isn’t betting on that happening.

  • Wisconsinite Animates Award-winning Netflix Kids' Show

    We talk to a Middleton native who works as a story artist on “Ask The Storybots”, an Emmy-winning animated kids’ series on Netflix.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
  • Amanda Magnus Producer
  • Haleema Shah Producer
  • Karl Christenson Producer
  • Frank Tuerkheimer Guest
  • Daniel Cox Guest
  • Nate Theis Guest

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