Local Quarry Control Debate, Providing Insurance For Police Families, A Look At Michigan’s Marijuana Laws

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We learn about the Joint Finance Committee’s budget proposal that would affect local jurisdiction for rock quarry blasting. And we look at proposed legislation regarding insurance for police families. Then we gaze east to see how Michigan is handling its marijuana laws.

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  • Looking Into The Debate Over Local Quarry Control

    Local governments would be barred from regulating rock quarry and other blasting without state approval. That’s if provisions go ahead that the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee added to the transportation budget last week. We learn more about these provisions and how stakeholders see them.
  • Bill In Legislature Would Provide Insurance For Families Of Police Offices Killed On Duty

    A new bipartisan bill being proposed in the Wisconsin legislature would require municipalities to provide insurance to families of police officers killed in the line of duty. We talk to one of the bill’s sponsors about the legislation.

  • Michigan's Marijuana Laws Highlight Issues States Face Crafting Drug Regulations

    Over the last decade, many states–including Michigan–have loosened state laws regulating cannabis use. But as more states look to decriminalize or even legalize the drug, a lot of gray areas remain. We’ll talk to a journalist and an expert about the natioanl and statewide laws governing marijuana.

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