Local Mining Ordinances, Fair Workweek, Cybersecurity In An Insecure Age

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New digital technologies are both incredibly convenient and potentially dangerous. An author is with us to discuss the difficult task of cybersecurity on the personal and national level. We also talk about the fight for restoring a fair workweek for employees of the retail and service industries. Plus, a top news story.

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  • Municipalities Consider Making Their Own Mining Regulations

    Governor Scott Walker is expected to sign a bill to repeal heavy restrictions on mining for gold, copper, and other sulfide ores that Wisconsin put into place almost 20 years ago. A lawmaker tells us why he wrote amendments to the bill that would allow municipal governments to make rules about, and possibly reject, the prospect of mining in their area.

  • Campaign Targets Unpredictable Work Schedules For Low-Wage Workers

    Workers in retail, restaurant, and other industries may not know what their schedule is for the next week, or even the next day. The director of a “Fair Workweek” campaign says employees need more predictability and stability in their working hours.

  • Why We Need To Secure Our Data In An Insecure Age

    As digital technology becomes more and more essential to our everyday lives, so does the importance of cybersecurity. At the core of that is our data, which might be more vulnerable than you’d think. In an attempt to protect data, encryption has emerged as a popular and useful option, shielding our online conversations and other bits of information from those who shouldn’t be seeing it. But is it enough? And why are some policymakers looking to weaken encryption protections? A guest cybersecurity expert weighs in.

    Is this a concern for you? Or, given how many breaches there are, have you just given up?

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