Local Doctor Deals With Pain Pill Pressures, Why Kids Think Garbage Trucks Are Great, A History of Beds

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We hear from a reporter who decided to find out why so many kids love garbage trucks. We also talk with an author about the changing meaning and purpose of the bed over hundreds of years. Plus, we hear about a local doctor who faced challenges when it comes to prescribing pain pills.

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  • How A Necedah Doctor Is Bringing New Opioid Treatment Options To Her Community

    Opioids are prescribed more in rural areas, but those same communities often have fewer treatment options for opioid addiction and doctors who specialize in addiction. We talk about a recent Wisconsin Watch profile of a physician in Necedah, Wis. who is working to bring more treatment alternatives to her community.

  • Why Kids Love Garbage Trucks

    Little children tend to like trucks of all kinds, but garbage trucks seem to hold a special fascination. We talk with a reporter who decided to look into it, and who talked with parents, garbage collectors, educators … and kids themselves.

  • A Cultural History Of Beds

    Beds have been a standard in homes and accommodations across continents for millennia. But their significance and uses have varied greatly. We’ll talk with the author of a new book that examines the meaning and purposes of the bed.

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