Lifelong Learning, Cooking With Peppers

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Scott Ashkenaz (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

We get some inspiration to try new things from an author who says it’s a great way to freshen up your perspective on life. Then an organic farmer gives us a guide to assorted peppers and how to cook with them.

Featured in this Show

  • For A Fresh Perspective On Life, Learn Something Completely New

    Being a beginner at something is a unique feeling, forcing you to learn new rules and ways of thinking. We talk to the author of a new book who made it his mission to try out as many unfamiliar activities as he could because”learning new skills helps open new worlds.”

  • Food Friday: Peppers

    We talk with a Wisconsin farmer who grows many kinds of peppers — including as a part of a pepper breeding project — about the different types of peppers out there. We also talk through some recipes and cooking ideas to use up your peppers at the height of the season.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Tyler Ditter Technical Director
  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director
  • Natalie Guyette Producer
  • Tom Vanderbilt Guest
  • Kat Becker Guest

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