Lieutenant Governor Candidate Mandela Barnes, Archive Holds Over 150 Years OF Schools Sisters’ History, What Media Is Missing When Covering Controversy

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An archive holding records spanning the last 100 years of history for the School Sisters of Notre Dame opened in Milwaukee earlier this year. We talk to the archivist about the perseverance and legacy of the sisters who made education more accessible for women all across the nation and are still active today. We also talk with a journalist about what she believes is missing from the way media coveres controversial topics and we hear the first candidate interview for Wisconsin’s Lieutenant Governor position.

Featured in this Show

  • Lieutenant Governor Candidate Interview: Mandela Barnes

    In our series of interviews with candidates for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, we speak with former Wisconsin state representative Mandela Barnes. He is running as a Democrat in the August 14 primary.

  • Over 150 Years Of Catholic Sisters' History Preserved In New Archive

    The School Sisters of Notre Dame first made their way to America in 1847, establishing convents and places of education all over to serve rural and underserved populations in the United States. The sisters still continue to do so, but the more than 9,000 sisters now have a home. The School Sisters of Notre Dame North American Archives opened earlier this year, home to the stories, records and photos of the sisters. We talk to the archivist for more information.

  • How Can Journalists Better Cover A Polarized Nation?

    There are plenty of issues in America that no one seems willing to change their stance on. Our guests says that that by embracing the messiness of disagreement and getting at the motivations behind people’s opinions, journalists can help us see across the divide. She joins us to share her ideas.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
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  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Mandela Barnes Guest
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