Libertarians In Wisconsin’s Gubernatorial Debate, EPA To Wisconsin DNR: Get A Move On, Wisconsin Legend Alfred Lunt

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Should Wisconsin’s Libertarian candidate for governor join Mary Burke and Scott Walker in the debates this fall? The party doesn’t meet the requirements of the Wisconsin’s Broadcaster’s Association, but they have filed a complaint to be included. We hear Andy Craig make his case for inclusion. Then we consider pollution regulations from the state’s DNR that are more than two years overdue and learn about the life of Broadway star Alfred Lunt.

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  • Should Libertarians be Included In Wisconsin's Gubernatorial Debates?

    According to the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association, in order to be included in gubernatorial debates, “a candidate must be at 10 percent or higher in polls and must have raised at least $250,000 in campaign contributions.” The libertarian party has filed a complaint arguing that those requirements are too exclusionary, as they would like their candidate to join Mary Burke and Scott Walker in the debates.

  • EPA Will Impose Rules On Wisconsin If State DNR Doesn't Submit Overdue Proposal

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced this week that it is going to impose its own rules on Wisconsin if the State’s Department of Natural Resources does not submit its own regulations on fine particle air pollution within the next two years. The state DNR has missed the submission deadline by over two years.

  • Wisconsin Legend: Alfred Lunt

    We’ll learn about the life of Wisconsin Legend Alfred Lunt who, along with wife Lynn Fontanne, was a major force in American theater for forty years.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
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  • Norman Gilliland Producer
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