Libertarians On Wisconsin Campuses, Preventing Teen Suicide, Favorite Villains

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After Ron Paul lost the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, the student campaign backing him did not disband. Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett hear how “Young Americans for Liberty”, born out of “Students for Ron Paul,” has been growing around the country and in Wisconsin. Then they track the progress Milwaukee communities have made in preventing teen suicide.

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  • Libertarian Movement Growing On Wisconsin College Campuses

    Young Americans for Liberty was only active on one Wisconsin campus when it was founded nationally in 2008. The libertarian student group grew out of the youth campaign “Students for Ron Paul,” which backed Rep. Paul during his campiagn for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. Today it is active on over twenty university campuses in Wisconsin and on over 600 campuses nationwide.
    On Saturday April 26th, students from around Wisconsin and the Midwest will take part in Wisconsin’s first Young Americans for Liberty state convention in Madison. One of the issues the group focuses on is what they see as a trend in government spending that will adversely affect today’s young people down the road.
  • Preventing Teen Suicide

    As teens navigate the challenges of coming of age, some struggle more than others, even turning to suicide. In Milwaukee, advocates are taking up a grassroots response and using performance art to open a dialogue about mental illness. Our guest explains how she hopes this approach will not only appeal to younger audiences, but also help individuals in need.

  • Share Some Villains

    Willam Shakespeare created some of the mmost memorable bad guys of all time, from Iago to a grim rendition of Richard III. As part of the celebration of the Bard’s 450th birthday, call in and share your favorite fictional villains of all time–Shakespearean or otherwise.

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