Lessons From Sled Dogs, Evers Priorities Going Forward, The Hurt From Coronavirus Shame

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Members of the Wisconsin National Guard administere COVID-19 tests
Members of the Wisconsin National Guard administer COVID-19 tests Monday, May 11, 2020 at the UMOS headquarters in Milwaukee. Guard members said they didn’t expect so many people, but there are enough tests for everyone who wants one. Corrinne Hess/WPR

A Wisconsin sled-dog racer tells us what she’s learned from the sport. Then we find out what WPR’s state capitol bureau chief learned from an interview with Gov. Tony Evers about his agenda for 2021. And we talk about shame around coronavirus, and how having empathy for others can be a boost for public health.

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  • Wisconsin Musher Talks Trust, Finding Comfort In The Unknown

    The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us into unfamiliar territory. We don’t know how long we’ll have to take precautions or when this will stop being a crisis. Our guest says her sled dogs have taught her about trust and dealing with the unknown.

  • A Look At Gov. Evers' Priorities For Pandemic, Budget And Other Issues

    Halfway through his first term, Gov. Tony Evers says it’ll be “a long time” before Wisconsin returns to normal from the pandemic. We look at what he says the state needs to do to overcome COVID-19. We also focus on his plans for the upcoming state budget, redistricting and other priorities.

  • The Problem With Shaming Others Over Coronavirus

    An epidemiologist shares why public and personal shaming of others who may have contracted COVID-19 works counter to public safety.

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