Leopold Memorial Reserve, Obama Against Conversion Therapy, Record Spending On Prescription Drugs

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President Obama has issued a statement calling for an end to therapies that try to “repair” gay, lesbian, and transgender youth. Our guest tells us why the President opposes the therapy, and what he’ll do to change it. We also learn the history behind the Leopold Memorial Reserve near Baraboo, and find out why American spent more on prescription drugs in 2014 than ever before.

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  • Cooperative Conservation On The Aldo Leopold Reserve

    Our guest explores the history of shared conservation on the Aldo Leopold Memorial Reserve in Wisconsin.

  • President Obama Comes Out Against 'Conversion Therapy'

    The President recently stood on stand on so called ‘conversion therapy,’ calling for an end to the practice which aims to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of gay, lesbian and transgender youth. We’ll find out what the move means politicially and its significance to activists.

  • Record $374 Billion Spent On Prescription Drugs In America Last Year

    Americans spent $374 billion on prescription drugs last year. That’s a 13% spike from 2013. A medical expert explains what’s driving all the spending.

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