Learning about investing for all ages, Making the most out of leftover food

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A woman walks past a bank’s electronic board showing the Hong Kong share index at Hong Kong Stock Exchange Wednesday, July 21, 2021. Vincent Yu/AP Photo

A finance writer shares the value of learning about investing, at any age. Then, a professional home cook helps us make our leftovers taste better.

Featured in this Show

  • It's never too early or too late to learn about investing

    We talk with a Wisconsin finance writer about teaching investing to her children and what lessons can be helpful to adults trying to get more active with investments for the first time.

  • Food Friday: Giving leftovers a new life

    A professional home cook joins the show to share her favorite ways to make leftovers fabulous — without spending too much time or money.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director
  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
  • Natalie Guyette Producer
  • Colleen Leahy Producer
  • Emily Guy Birken Guest
  • Cassy Joy Garcia Guest

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