Lead limits for baby food, Refugee sponsorship program, How we do our best studying

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A scoop of baby formula recently recalled by Abbott Nutrition
Abbott Nutrition on Feb. 17, 2022 voluntarily recalled some of its powder formula products for babies, including Similac, Alimentum and EleCare — a response to reported cases of salmonella and a rare bacterial infection called Cronobacter sakazakii. ajay_suresh (CC BY)

The FDA is putting new lead limits for baby foods. We talk with a doctor about the decision. We also learn about a new State Department program connecting private people and businesses with refugee families. Plus, a psychology expert shares what we should know about the best ways to study up for an exam.

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  • FDA announces new limit of lead in baby food

    The Food and Drug Administration is limiting the amount of lead allowed in baby foods by roughly 27 percent. A physician joins us to talk about why the FDA is setting this new limit and the effects of lead in children.

  • New program allows US citizens to directly sponsor refugees

    We learn about a new program called Welcome Corps allows private citizens to sponsor refugee resettlement in their community.

  • How psychology can help us study more effectively

    Highlighting, flashcards, and testing ourselves are just a few of the study methods students use in the lead up to a big exam. But what actually helps us learn? A psychology expert talks with us about the answers he found in his book Study Like a Champ: The Psychology-based Guide to Grade A Study Habits.

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