Lawsuit Threatens Foxconn, Harassment In State Capitol, Guerilla Tacos

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A lawsuit regarding economic incentives for an Eau Claire company could have repercussions for the proposed Foxconn plant in Mount Pleasant. We get the details. We also talk about sexual harassment cases in the state capitol, past and present. When it comes to putting together a great taco, letting your imagination run wild can produce great results. We chat with an award-winning taco maker about some of his favorite creations.

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  • Lawsuit Challenging Economic Development Project In Eau Claire Could Jeopardize The Foxconn Deal

    The state’s $10 billion deal with Taiwanese-electronic manufacturer Foxconn would be in trouble thanks to a lawsuit challenging an economic development project in Eau Claire. We speak with Rich Kremer, reporter for WPR News base in Eau Claire, about the lawsuit and what’s at stake.

  • Sexual Harassment Allegations Leveled At Current And Former Lawmakers At The Wisconsin Capitol

    Some current and former state lawmakers have been accused of sexual harassment by women who either worked with them or were affiliated. We speak with Molly Beck, Politics Reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal, about the allegations and what’s being done at the state Capitol to address the charges.

  • Food Friday: Taco The Town! Adventurous Offerings From Award-winning L.A. Taco Truck

    On this edition of Food Friday we talk tacos with Wesley Avila, chef and founder of Guerrilla Tacos in Los Angeles. Avila’s inventive tacos have consistently won awards in a city with a vibrant street food scene.

    And we’d like to hear from you! Are you a taco lover? Do you come up with your own unique taco creations at home?

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