Lawsuit Pits State Superintendent Against Governor Walker, Wisconsin’s Smallest School District, Slow Medicine

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Washington Island School District is Wisconsin’s smallest, with only 72 students enrolled kindergarten through 12th grade. We learn how the district has adapted to a lack of funding and geographic isolation. We also talk with a guest who says that the health care industry needs to focus more on humanity and less on business. Plus, we get the details of a lawsuit that pits Governor Scott Walker against his Democratic gubernatorial challenger in 2018, state schools superintendent Tony Evers.

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  • Lawsuit Pits State School Superintendent Against Governor Walker

    Tuesday state schools superintendent and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers said he was firing lawyers picked to represent him in a convoluted lawsuit. At issue is whether or not Evers broke state law by sidestepping Governor Scott Walker’s administration in the administrative rulemaking process. We get the details with WPR’s capitol bureau chief, Shawn Johnson.

  • Washington Island Home To State's Smallest School District

    Washington Island, right off of the Door County Peninsula, is home to just 72 students. We speak with Barry Adams, regional and business reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal, about the challenges the district faces and its future.

  • Finding Humanity In Healthcare

    As the debate over healthcare rages on at the national level, Dr. Victoria Sweet argues that the medical industry has deviated too far from its roots inpatient care and healing, to a business. We speak with Dr. Sweet about what she thinks should change to help doctors and patients.

    If you’re a doctor, what are your thoughts on the medical industry today? If you’re a patient, what changes would you like to see in your doctor’s office?

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