Laws Impacting Wisconsin’s LGBTQ Residents, Accessible Poetry, The History Of Blackface In The U.S.

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Cody Houston (pictured left) married Tina Cady (pictured right) at Madison's City-County Building
Cody Houston (pictured left) married Tina Cady (pictured right) at Madison’s City-County Building. | Shawn Johnson/WPR

A new report compares laws in different states that affect LGBTQ residents. We find out how Wisconsin ranked, and what the trends are nationally. We talk with Wisconsin’s new Poet Laureate about how to make poetry more accessible. And, dressing in blackface has been in the news recently. We’ll learn the history of the practice and why so many say that it is a deeply harmful part of U.S. culture.

Featured in this Show

  • How Wisconsin's LGBTQ Laws Compare To Other States

    A national LGBTQ advocacy group is out with its annual index of state protections for the LGBTQ community. We talk about how Wisconsin ranked, and the changing legislative landscape nationwide.

  • The Importance Of Poetry

    Wisconsin’s newly-named Poet Laureate shares why reading and writing poetry should feel accessible to anyone.

  • The History Of Blackface

    Two of the top three statewide elected officials in Virginia have admitted to wearing blackface several years ago. Since the news story broke, images of other celebrities wearing blackface have surfaced. We take a look at the history of blackface.

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