Lawrence University President Signs Anti-Harassment Letter, Donald Trump’s Victory Completes An Eight Year Political Reversal In Wisconsin Politics, How To Be An Effective Giver

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The 2016 Election recolored the electoral map in Wisconsin — completing what our guests call an eight-year political reversal from blue Democrats to red Republicans. We also talk to the president of Lawrence University about why he signed a letter along with over a hundred other college presidents renouncing bullying after the election. As gift-giving season starts, we learn how to be an effective gift giver.

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  • College Presidents Want President-Elect Donald Trump To Denounce Hate

    The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that within the first five days after the presidential election, more than 400 cases of what they label as hateful harassment and intimidation were reported–and more than a third of those were in schools or on college campuses. Over a hundred college and university presidents recently signed an open letter to president-elect Donald Trump calling on him to make good on his promise to be the President of all Americans by denouncing hate and harassment. We talk to the president of Lawrence University in Appleton about why he signed the letter.

  • Trump's Victory Marks A Political Reversal In Wisconsin

    The 2016 election marked a major political shift in Wisconsin — Democrats lost territory, and Republicans made gains in the White House, House, Senate, and state assembly. A Wisconsin political reporter tells us how Wisconsin made a full political reversal from Democrat to Republican in the last few years.

  • How To Be An Effective Giver

    As we enter the busy holiday season, our guest shares ideas and stories about the best ways to be an effective giver.

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