Latest Political Opinion Poll Of State Voters, Superdelegates Explained

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Super Tuesday is less than a week away, and a recent poll from the Marquette University Law School shows who state voters like in each party. The director of the poll discusses the results, and tells us what it could mean for Wisconsin’s primary election. We also learn what superdelegates are, and how they affect the presidential race.

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  • Latest Poll Gauges Political Opinions Of Wisconsin Voters

    Wisconsin’s presidential primary election is almost a month away, and a recent poll takes a look at who residents like from each party. The creator of the Marquette Law School Poll joins us to discuss the results.

  • Superdelegates 101

    A heated topic of discussion during the Democratic primary season has been how superdelegates may line up between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and whether it could determine who gets the Party’s nomination. We get an explanation of the system from the author of “Primary Politics: How Presidential Candidates Have Shaped the Modern Nominating System.”

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