The latest on multiple labor strikes, Government responses around Wisconsin to COVID-19, Warehouse worker imbalance

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An expert in labor-management relations discusses what’s behind a series of strikes around the country, and what could happen next. Then we talk with a WPR reporter about how state and local governments are currently doing in response to the pandemic. And with the holidays fast approaching, a retail reporter explains why a shortage of warehouse workers may not be remedied soon enough.

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  • Are we seeing an October 'strike wave?'

    Thousands of workers are striking across the country in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, arts, and entertainment. We make sense of what’s happening with a labor-management relations expert.

  • DHS increases support for local testing programs

    The state Department of Health Services is ramping up support for testing locations as at-home tests become more scarce. We learn what that support looks like and check in on the health measures city and county governments are taking.

  • Why workers don't want warehouse jobs

    A worker shortage has come for warehouse jobs just in time for what promises to be a chaotic holiday season. We talk to a business reporter about why workers don’t want the growing number of jobs in warehouses.

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  • Molly Stentz Host
  • Tyler Ditter Technical Director
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  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
  • Michael Childers Guest
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